Avery was imported from Malinois vom Wasserrad in Germany. Avery has excellent food, prey and hunt drive with an outstanding grip. Her father is Fun du Boise de Limite, NVBK level I and multi champion. A proven producer with exceptional genetic qualities. Son of the famous A-Tim also known as Dovre Fjeld Vasko, producer of Belgian Malinois with strong character, extremely high drive, powerful genetic crushing grips and excellent health. Avery's mother is Crazy freestyler's Chelsea off vaska von de Bosen Buben and the very well know Haras van'd Acren, a very powerful top producing stud with outstanding genetically deep and powerful grips. Avery was trained as a narcotics detection dog and certified under the National Narcotics Detector dog Association. She was a very affective and reliable partner on Patrol. With her good search drive and excellent nose she made many reliable indications leading to multiple seizures and arrests on Narcotics violations. Avery is one of the top females in our breeding program. Her genetics make her a great addition to our kennel and breeding program. We're excited as we plan ahead for her future breeding plans and the incredible possibilities in her offspring!