Mason's Weiland
Owner Chris and Jane Copland
Sire Blackneck's Mojo  Dam: Mason's August
MR 3, Sph 3, IPO 2 Blackneck's Xa is a litter mate to Blackneck's Xena. Xa is owned by Emma Svensson of
Mason's Nero, IPO 3  SchH3
Owner: Ron Stokes
Mason's RUGER
Owner: Mark Roth
Sire: Risen Star's Rakkers Ledgen  Dam: Blackneck's Wildah
Sire: Mason Dam: Mason's Katie
Mason's Mumba
Sire: Risen Star's Rakkers Ledgen  Dam: Blackneck's Wildah
Owner: Avery Sirmans
Mason's Kennels
Blackneck's Xa
Mason's Beau
Sire: Blackneck's Mojo Dam: Mason's August
Owner: Scott and Jennifer Rodgers
Sire: Risenstar's Rakker's Ledgen  Dam: Mason's Babygirl
Owner: Neil & Christy
Mason's Makito
Mason's Modi
Sire: Blackneck's Mojo  Dam: Blackneck's Wildah
Owner: Summer Milroy
Mason's Chucky
Sire: Risenstar's Rakker's Ledgen   Dam: Blackneck's Xena
Owner: Brandie
Mason's Lakota
Owner: Kathy Doty GTR K-9 SEARCH TEAM
Sire: Risenstar's Rakker's Ledgen   Dam: Blackneck's Xena
Blackneck's Warga
Blackneck's Warga is a litter mate to Blackneck's Wildah.  Warga is owened by Jenni Taipale of
Owner: Scott and Jennifer Rodger
Mason's Zoe
Sire: Blackneck's Mojo Dam: Mason's Molly
Mason's Kenzi
Sire: Blackneck's Mojo   Dam: Mason's Kelly
Owner:  Eileen and Clay Chisholm
Mason's Mia
Sire: Mason's Mason Dam: Mason's Katie
Owner: John
Photos were taken by Bill
Mason's Eve
Belleville Illinois PD
Mason's Axel
Sire: Blackneck's Mojo  Dam: Mason's Babygirl
Owner: K-9 Handler Anita
Mason's Pax
Sire: Blackneck's Mojo  Dam: Mason's Prada
Owner: K-9 Handler Janie
Mason's Mars
Sire: Mason's Mason  Dam: Mason's Katie
Owner: Brain Perry
Mason's  Maximus
Owner: Marc & Nina Stevens
Mason's Danika
Sire: Blackneck's Mojo Dam: Mason's Babygirl
Owner: Casey and Beverly Stanton
Mason's Dirk
Owner: Scott and Lisa
Mason's Bailey
Sire: Izar Perle de Tourbière  Dam: Mason's Molly
Owner: Victoria
Mason's Mya
Owner: Matt and Jessica
Mason's Annika
Owner: Chris and Heather
Mason's Dakotah
Hi Bill,

Just wanted to let you know that Pax & I did our first PD1 competition for th USPCA region 6 over
the weekend and we did not only certify but we trophied.
3rd place in Agility---- she decided to jump on top of the low crawl
2nd place  in Criminal apprehension
2nd place in Novice
2nd place in team

Next year will be better because I won't be as nervous.
Your Friend
Mason's Raker
IPO 1, High in trial,High in tracking. (97)
Mason's Bella
Mason's Link
Owner: John and Heather
Owner: Irving Chauvin
Mason's Jax
Owner: James Harris Cookeville Police Department
Mason's Zoe
Owner: Helen Roe
Masons Slick
Owner: Easton Lebo
Mason's Maiko
Owner: Tony Lehman
Mason's Unit
Owner: Thomas Wilson of  Waldorf, MD
Izar Perle de Tourbiere X Inca-Star Regulus