Royal Mali's Sniper

Royal Mali's Sniper was bred by Dave Dutoy and Ellen Pauwels of Royal Mali kennels in Belgium. Sniper is owned by Ricky Wade of Wadeknine in Paris, TN. Sniper was from a very special breeding using frozen semen from the late Dovre Fjeld Bonito, a direct son of zodt owned and trained by Bart Bellon. The semen from Bonito was selected specifically for Nierlender's Kayenta a phenomenal breeding bitch trained in Belgian Ring and now works as a security dog in Belgium. Sniper has explosive power and courage from inherited genetic traits passed down from his legendary lineage with super dogs such as Bonito, Zodt and Elton de Hardis Brigands just to name a few. There are many greats in his pedigree that collectively added to the gene pool that make Sniper what he is. Sniper has all the drive you could ask for. Food, Prey and his hunt drive is phenomenal giving him the ability to do his job with heart and soul as a certified narcotics detection dog with the Henry county sheriff's department in Tennessee. Sniper is fast and powerful, neutral to strangers that belong but an excellent deterrent to those that don't. Sniper's grips are powerful and full with a very strong mind that can sometimes be a bit difficult to get the out. We chose to us Sniper for a couple of selected females in our breeding program with the expectations of duplicating some outstanding combinations of yesteryear that produced amazing police and sport dogs that also became very well know for crosses that produced some of the best working dog's in history!