Mason's Kennels
Mason's Virgil
Mason's Virgil is our up and coming little super puppy. Virgil is being trained to be a dual
purpose police dog. His duties will include Patrol, Narcotics detection and criminal
apprehension. So far he's off to a great start. Virgil has superior genetics coming from his
ancestors who reign supreme in the world of working Malinois. Truly bred for performance.
Virgil's Father is Churchmount Jurko, multi Champion in NVBK, winning the title of Category
III champion in 2017, Category II Champion in 2018 and finishing 2019 with the highest level
NVBK category 1 Champion then Provencial Champion. Virgil's mother is our female Pria,
she was born in Belgium, bred by Royal Mali Kennels. Pria is off Nierlender's Kayenta
(Security Dog) and Arco van zilveren Loop, a very hard and dominant male highly sought
after stud in Europe. Some other greats in Virgil's pedigree include Elton de Hardis
Brigands, A'Tim and Zodt.
Below are a few different videos of Virgil developing and progressing in his training.
11 weeks
3 months old learning Man Trailing