Mason's virgil

Mason's Virgil was born here at our kennel. He comes from a super combination with Pria and Churchmount Jurko. Jurko is a multi champion in one of the hardest sports in the world, the NVBK. Jurko won back to back championships in NVBK Category III, II and category I, which is the highest level in the sport and no other dog has done it in the history of the NVBK. Virgil is in training to be a dual purpose police dog. He is truly a great representative of what we strive to breed for here at Mason's Malinois. Virgil has a very deep full mouth grip, excellent nose work in narcotics detection and tracking, Strong nerves and a no fear attitude. He loves to do his job and does it well. Virgil's temperament is what we're after in a good working Belgian Malinois. He is neutral to strangers, trustworthy around my kids and easily works with me in a pack amongst other officers while out training for the job.